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Honored to have participated in the private meeting at the residence of the Ambassador of Belgium on the issue of international crime and terrorism with the Minister of Interior and Vice Premier of Belgium Jan Jambon and the Interior Minister Stefano Candiani, in place of Minister Salvini. The need to share information, best practices and strategic collaboration between the various actors involved in preventing and combating the forms of crime using the most sophisticated technologies and the most advanced financial instruments to spread terror has emerged.

As Pro Chancellor, I wish all the best to my 1.550 graduated students 👩‍🎓 of Kigali University, who has the great responsability to serve their Country Rwanda and also the great opportunity to change it , following passion, courage and intuition . Be persistent ! Nothing is really over until you stop trying . God bless you all.

I had the pleasure to participate to the seminar "Globalizzazione, Eguaglianza e Democrazia" in which where invited many important people such as Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize for Economy in 1998.

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The 10th of March of 2018 Prof. Valerio De Luca effectively became Chancellor of the University of Kigali, through an appointment notice signed by Prof. Nshuti Manasseh.

Thanks to this charge, he will work in constant close contact with the actual University's Chancellor, Prof. David Macrae, and serve as vice-chair of the UoK Global Advisory Council.

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VDL Speech VSF

On January 18-19 2018, Prof. Valerio De Luca will be one of the speakers of the Vietnam Sustainability Forum (VSF 2018), that aims at providing an international exchange platform for various stakeholders including policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and the NGOs to present, discuss and debate the worldwide visionary initiatives, practices, and trends for a harmonious society.

Prosperous growth must combine policies pushing up the competitiveness of the economic management, health, education, but, in parallel, reducing inequalities and corruption. There might be a dilemma between favouring first green growth or other factors of a prosperous growth. This requires a dedicated forum for rethinking and reshaping the economic models, business practices, and R&D.

VSF – Vietnam Sustainability Forum

On November 29th I chaired the 10th AISES Annual Conference on “A New Alliance for the Mediterranean: Security, Solidarity and Sustainability"at the Italian Chamber of Deputies with
the participation of high-profile speakers.
“We are observing deep political and socio-economic challenges in the Mediterranean, and throughout Europe. Economic development, innovation, trade, investment and a vibrant private sector remain the driver to stability, growth, job creation and regional cooperation.
Support for economic stabilisation and development is an important pillar of the Euro Mediterranean Partnership in the past and remains a priority for leading future.”

Today, I had the honor and the pleasure to make the concluding remarks in the bilateral meeting between Italy and South Africa on “Financial and Economic Matters”, with high-profile speakers, like Mr Ignazio Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy, Mr Lesetja Kganyago, Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Mr Giovanni Sabatini, Director-General of the Italian Banking Association, Mr Vieri Ceriani, Counsellor for Fiscal Policy for the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr Sfiso Buthelezi, Deputy Minister of Finance of South Africa, and many others. The two countries share significant cooperation on trade and financial services, the same challenges on growth , innovation and education .

On 28th November Prof. Valerio De Luca will make the Concluding Remarks in the Conference on Financial and Economic Matters, as Secretary General of the association "Diplomatia", co-organizer of the event.

Many high-profile speakers will participate, such as, Mr Ignazio Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy, Mr Lesetja Kganyago, Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Mr Giovanni Sabatini, Director-General of the Italian Banking Association, H.E. Ms Nomatemba Tambo, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Italy, Mr Vieri Ceriani, Counsellor for Fiscal Policy for the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance,  Mr Sfiso Buthelezi, Deputy Minister of Finance of South Africa, Mr Marcello MinennaDirector of Quantitative Analysis Office, Consob, and many others.


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Programme for the Conference on Financial and Economic matters




On November 29th will take place the AISES Annual Conference that will be held in the Sala della Regina, Palazzo Montecitorio, titled "A New Alliance for the Mediterranean: Security, Solidarity and Sustainability".

There will be the participation of high-profile speakers such as Edith Arbib Anav, Head of AISES Interreligious Dialogue, Giorgio Calabrese, President of the National Committee for Food Security, Riccardo Di Segni, Rabbi of Rome, Michel Korinman, Professor Emeritus of Geopolitics, Sorbonne University, Paolo Messa, Director of the Center for American Studies, Iztok Mirosic, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Slovenia, Pietro Sebastiani, Italian Ambassador to the Holy See.

H.E. Mons. Lorenzo Leuzzi, Auxiliary Bishop of Rome,  will conclude and Maarten Van Aalderen, Vice President of the Foreign Press Association in Italy, will moderate.


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Programma_Alleanza MED 29 Novembre