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Partnership between AISES and University of Fort Hare – President De Luca visits South Africa

5/10/2015 - Last week AISES President, Prof. Valerio De Luca, visited South Africa with the South African Ambassador in Rome, Nomatemba Tambo.

The university of Fort Hare represents a centre of excellence in which a Nobel Prize Winner, Nelson Mandela, and several Head of States and members of institutions were educated to a visionary and effective leadership.

Today we are pleased to announce an agreement for education, research and international exchange programme between the International Academy AISES and the University of Fort Hare. More details of the agreement will be provided in subsequent communications.

As the University's motto states, we are "Together in Excellence" to win the challenge of building an intercontinental community of transformative leaders, who inspire and empower young generations and foster social change, economic growth and job creation through institutional reforms, investments in human capital and innovative enterprises

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