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The Role of Italy in Cybersecurity after the G7 – Center for American Studies, June 13th 2017

Introduction: Valerio DE LUCA, Director of the “Global Security and Foreign Affairs Program”, CSA-AISES


Paolo CIOCCA, Vice Director-General of the Department of Information for Security of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Roberto BALDONI, Executive Director Cyber Security National Laboratory, Luigi MARTINOMember of the G7 2017 Cyber Group, Giulio MASSUCCIFounder and Managing Director AVENURE.

Pierluigi PAGANINI, Member of the G7 2017 Cyber Group, Pier Luigi DAL PINO, Director Institutional and Industrial Relations - Microsoft Italia and Austria, Marco RAMILLI, Cyber Security Expert and Founder Yoroi, Nicola SOTIRA, Director Global Cyber Security Center - Poste Italiane

Conclusions: Giulio TERZI di SANT’AGATA, President of the International Relations Department, Luigi Einaudi Foundation

Moderator: Michele PIERRI, Director Cyber Affairs Agency


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