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Towards an European Cyber Diplomacy

Security is a common good to share with everyone trought a cooperation between public and private sector. Policy and technology innovation are crucial in reducing security risks.
In the coming months, a policy decision will be made on whether a strategic cyber attack will be used against North Korea. This choice will be difficult to make due to its potential strategic implications.
States need a national digital security strategy that should be integrate into overall planning and supported at the highest level of government, coherentely with economic and social policies.
One of those strategic tools of deterrence is an effective cyber diplomacy.
The EU launched an interesting initiative called a "Cyber Diplomatic Toolbox" – a framework for joint EU diplomatic responses to cyber attacks.
Stronger political commitment on improving the level of cyber-readiness is needed as well as financial and human capacity to invest in developing the most powerful cyber weapons.
Sometimes the diplomatic response is not sufficient, especially when the impacts of cyberattacks are severe.
An EU comprehensive framework, with different ways to respond, is necessary, strenghten “the cyber solidarity” .
Leaders should keep in mind that cyber security is not only a matter of technical measures, but also of high politics – closely linked to the international political and strategic context.

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