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LEADERSHIP AND EDUCATION – L.E.A.D.E.R. Network Ltd and the Platform

L.E.A.D.E.R. Platform (Leadership in E-Learning for Academic Directors and Executives Recruitment) is the first project of startup Leader Network Ltd, founded by Prof. Valerio De Luca, AISES President, and Fabio De Concilio, serial entrepreneur and AISES member. Erminio Sergio, AISES Young President, is Project Manager, coordinating a team of professors, engineers and graphic designers.

It is a platform, because the core business consists of offering an online environment in which students, universities and companies are both producers and consumers of contents.

It is an ecosystem, because it aims at creating a complete, interdisciplinary, intercultural and innovative educational experience through the extensive use of new technologies. Students are not only involved in courses organised by universities, but they also take part into joint research projects (organised by universities and companies together) and interactive and challenging educational games (such as business cases and so on). Companies involved in this project agree to provide job opportunities to the top 1%-5% students of certain courses of interest to them.

It is not a massive platform. Students have to fulfil certain requirements to register. We offer extensive networking and recruiting possibilities. Our activity empowers youth excellence in order to create responsible and merit-based employment and the development of a global network of young thinkers and leaders inspired by worldwide institutions.

Our aim is creating a worldwide educational and recruiting network for young thinkers, universities and companies.

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